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Rob Brower gained carpentry experience while attending San Diego State University from 1970 through 1974. He moved to Kauai with his wife Laurel in 1976. After a brief go at fishing for a living, he returned to carpentry and decided on building as a career. His first completed turn-key residence was finished in 1978, the buyers of which still occupy and have used Rob for subsequent remodels.

Spec building became Rob's focus for the next 6 years with an occasional remodel to fill in the slow times. By 1984 he was being asked by homeowners to act as their contractor, so in 1985 he completed the requirements to become a licensed general contractor in the State of Hawaii.

Rob always enjoyed the satisfaction of being a hands-on builder, however with the workload created by Hurricane Iniki, he was forced into primarily a management capacity. He was running up to 35 employees for over a year and a half to complete his part of the island rebuild in 1992 and 1993.

Today, Rob likes to keep his number of employees under 10. Most projects he chooses to be involved in are at least in the $400 per square foot range. He still occasionally enjoys the challenge of the "affordable" custom, primarily for spec.  Rob encourages his clients to build as green as possible and is very experienced in home energy savings techniques.

Rob is a family man, devoted to his wife, son, and daughter. His passions are surfing and ocean sports. He also enjoys golf, wilderness hiking,  and exploring the wonders of the Garden Island, Kauai.



One of the beautiful beaches near Anahola on Kauai